Frequently asked questions

How do people to vote for me?
Your fans will be able to cast their votes by visiting your page. Once the contest starts, we will help you share your profile link to your fans!

Is there a limit to the amount of photos I can upload?
Not at this time. Upload as many as you wish, but remember to try and use professional photography.

Why are two (or more) models ranked the same?
If two (or more) models are currently tied for the same ranking, the next number(s) will be skipped until the tie is broken. Example: #3 Jane, #3 Jill, #5 Stacy

Why are two (or more) groups for my state/region?
States, if necessary, and the international market have been divided round robin style into groups in order to be fair to everyone.

Can I save up my votes toward a reward?
No. All votes (both purchased and via social media sharing) are immediate and are not cumulative. They cannot be “saved” or “banked” for later use.

What does representing my region mean?
You were chosen out of thousands of applicants to compete against other models in your region. The regional winners will then compete for Ms. Health and Fitness 2017. For more information on how the voting process works, please visit our rules.

Can someone help me with my profile?
Yes! Please contact us and we will gladly help.

How do votes and rewards work?
Voters accumulate votes by signing up, various social media mentions, and may purchase additional votes. Rewards are given to a voter if he/she votes for you and meets the minimum vote requirement setup in your profile.

What happens if I win?
We will call you and arrange for your travel to the photoshoot! Make sure the phone number in your profile is a good way to reach you.