Marissa Cabrera

I was the girl who decided to go for it. 23 year old NPC bikini competitor. “Nothing truly great ever came from a comfort zone&rdquo

Placed 14th

in her group

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What would you recommend to others who want to be fit and healthy?

Don’t compare your day one to someone’s day 30. Everyone starts somewhere, you just have to start. Stay positive and always push through! Be proud of yourself every step of the way!

How does fitness positively influence your life?

Fitness is my therapy. It’s become my life style. I started my journey a few years ago when i was underweight and struggled gaining weight. I was insecure, depressed, and made poor lifestyle Choices. I then found myself by putting that same energy into lifting weights. It completely changed my life.

If you were the next Ms Health and Fitness, what would you do with $20,000?

I would use some of the money to go back to school and further my education. I would use it to open up my own gym and/or meal prep service.