Alejandra Cisneros Conohan

Single mom of an amazing 9 year old. Imperfect human, life lover who likes to improve on self, motivate & help other people succeed.

Placed 3rd

in her group

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What would you recommend to others who want to be fit and healthy?

Step #1: Be honest with yourself and determine your "Why do I want to be fit and healthy." #2: Embrace your imperfections. #3: Be kind to yourself. #4: If one of your reasons is to take care of others, remember that you have to take care of yourself, in order to do so. #5: Give it all you've got and take it one day at a time! #6: Don't compare yourself to others! You are YOU, embrace that!

How does fitness positively influence your life?

Fitness is my happy place! :) It's my me time! I consider it a safe place in which I can quiet the noise from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It allows me to regroup and recenter. Honestly, it's my therapy. The external results are just a plus!

If you were the next Ms Health and Fitness, what would you do with $20,000?

I would buy a fitness package for some single moms who need a reminder that they are awesome, worthy of love and time. Get a workout room set up with the equipment I need to have some outstanding workouts with my son at home. I'd invest in a meal prep service for a year! lol