Taylor Bayless

Nationally Qualifed Figure Competitor who is passionate about fitness! I want to inspire you to do what sets your soul on fire!

Placed 22nd

in south group eleven

Ms. Health and Fitness and Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors would like to thank Taylor Bayless and her voters for helping us donate $179,724.93 to our injured United States military veterans!


What would you recommend to others who want to be fit and healthy?

Start with a small goal to accomplish and build from there! It’s all about creating healthy habits that will lead you to living a healthy lifestyle!

How does fitness positively influence your life?

It’s my stress reliever without a doubt. If the world was catching on fire and falling apart around me, the one thing I can control is my fitness journey.

If you were the next Ms Health and Fitness, what would you do with $20,000?

Invest into a business to continue to help encourage people to make a positive change in their life and make fitness not only my passion but my business.