Lina Oppolzer

Fitness is my life! I want to motivate others to find happiness with their bodies through training & a healthy lifestyle

Placed 24th

in international group one

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What would you recommend to others who want to be fit and healthy?

What I found very helpful over the past years was to listen ot my body. Not only which type of training your body craves but also paying attention to daily changes. Forcing yourself to physical activity often leaves you frustrated or maybe quitting the sport entirely. Start slowly, just get moving, take restdays if necessary. If you have experience in your sports get a trainer who puts together a new plan for you - this can give you extra motivation! That's mainly what we need the most! :)

How does fitness positively influence your life?

Through regular training I have become the happy person I am today. I can accept flaws which are totally normal. Because of accepting and enjoying the way I can move my body I find it easy to also show how fitness positively influenced my life and share it with others. I enjoy sharing my story from beeing anorexic to being a bodybuilder, what troubles me, what I face in my everyday life - to talk openly about all this would't have been possible without the fitness lifestyle I live by.

If you were the next Ms Health and Fitness, what would you do with $20,000?

If I would be next Ms Health and Fitness I would continue my journey in bodybuilding and invest in my body to share my path of living a healthy and fit life even more. I want to inspire and help others to be fit and healthy because it's just good for your soul :) I want to show that beeing fit and muscular can go hand in hand with being feminine and that set backs are normal. I want to talk openly, honestly and mindfully about how we are all different but sometimes share the same struggles.