I’m 22 years old, living in VA. I’m studying to get my NASM-CPT. Health and Fitness is a huge part of my life and will continue

Placed 19th

in south group two

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What would you recommend to others who want to be fit and healthy?

Never give up and remember why you started. Strive for what’s best for you and keep on setting long term goals! You are in control and you can shape yourself into anything you put your mind too. Have confidence and don’t rely on anybody but yourself for self-love and determination.

How does fitness positively influence your life?

I’ve never in my life thought of something that I could rely on to make me the happiest until I found my soul in the gym. Waking up every morning and thinking about all the great healthy food I could make, enjoying every bite. It’s influsces me to work hard in the gym and continue to set goals. Walking into ANY gym will ALWAYS clear my mind and thoughts. Having a bad day... Gym will clear that right on up! Keeps me positive and genuinely happy.

If you were the next Ms Health and Fitness, what would you do with $20,000?

If I were to win 20,000 dollars? Wow that’s so much money my mind wouldn’t know what to do!!! To be honest, I would put it up in savings or travel!!! What person wouldn’t wanna travel??